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The ALINE Advantage

ALINE is different from orthotic solutions in three distinct ways.

Patients and providers appreciate the fact that ALINE mobilizes the foot and helps people Move Better, Perform Better and Feel Better. ALINE mobilizes a functional foot making it more efficient. Dr. Michael Leahy describes it as an “Active solution to Active problems.”

The ALINE fitting system is patient centric. Dr.Jeff Tucker DC and others use ALINE because it involves the patient in the assessment process. Your patient will see and feel how the ALINE works in minutes. Your patient will leave with an ALINE that they have experienced success with.

The pricing structure for the starter kit allows our providers to realize an initial ROI at month two while offering the patient a cost effective solution. Providers create profit streams in the thousands of dollars using the ALINE System while improving patient outcomes. See our case study results.

The ALINE Advantage is the world's most advanced technology, a patient centered assessment and an immediate return on your investment. Join the movement today.