Discover Professional and Elite Athletes That Use and Trust ALINE Systems Insoles
  • Caroline Westrup

    Caroline Westrup

    LPGA Tour Pro

    A Swedish golfer currently residing in Florida and playing on the LPGA tour. After graduating Florida State University in 2009 she turned pro. Caroline is a friend of ALINE and always has them in her shoes.

  • Ken Duke

    Ken Duke

    Travelers Champion 2013

    This golfer ended up taking away the Traveler’s Championship win in 2013 and has been on the hunt for another big win. He is a strong golfer with a drive to keep him on the tour and take another top spot in the upcoming season.

  • DJ Trahan

    DJ Trahan

    2X PGA Tour Winner

    DJ was one of the most decorated ameteur golfers in history, taking the Clemson Tiger Golf Team to the NCAA National Championship in 2003 that kickstarted him turning pro in 2005. He has a strong results and has been a part of ALINE for a number of years now.

  • David Wise

    David Wise

    Olympic Gold Medalist

    Gold in Men’s Freestyle Halfpipe at Sochi in 2014, David is at the top of the halfpipe game. He has been a friend of ALINE since our first time at X Games over 7 years ago, and we have seen the competitive drive and style that keeps him on top of the podium.

  • Emma Dahlstrom

    Emma Dahlstrom

    X Games Gold Medalist

    A new name to freeride skiing but she is making sure that she leaves an impact. Emma teamed up with ALINE this past winter at X Games, after putting them in her boots, took 1st place in women’s slopestyle. Emma is here to push the sport of freestyle skiing to new levels

  • James Woods

    James Woods

    Gold Medalist 2015

    Woodsy is a skier out of the UK with a crazy hairstyle and a positive outlook that will make anyone pumped to be out on the hill. Fresh off the podium in New Zealand we are looking forward to what is in store for this season from Woodsy’s unique skiing and passion for the sport.

  • Jesper Tjader

    Jesper Tjader

    2011 IF3 Rookie of the Year

    Jesper’s transition to Pro was in the blink of an eye, his infamous daring gap jumps all viewers will remember. On and off the hill Jesper is the type of athlete that will find unique ways to innovate whatever sport he is doing.

  • Jamie Anderson

    Jamie Anderson

    Olympic Gold Medalist

    Jamie Anderson has charged the Snowboard slopestyle scene harder than anyone else male or female. Taking home Gold at the 2014 Sochi Games she has made history and has been a part of ALINE since day one

  • Louie Vito

    Louie Vito

    3X X Games Medalist

    Louie is a snowboarder that blows the competition out of the water, the halfpipe rider charges harder than the rest of the field. Louie has been a long time friend and athlete on ALINE’s, as the 2015 season approaches Louie has big plans and is ready to ride.

  • Seth Wescott

    Seth Wescott

    Olympic Gold Medalist

    Two time Olympic Gold medalist in boardercross Seth is a legend in the sport of snowboarding. The New England native charges out of Sugarloaf, Maine and has been a friend of ALINE for many years.

  • Sven Thorgren

    Sven Thorgren

    X Games Medalist

    This Swedish snowboarder has a style and drive that sets him apart from the rest of the snowboarders in the industry. Finishing on top some of the biggest competitions he is determined to be at the top of each podium.

  • Isaiah Vidal

    Isaiah Vidal

    2X Spartan Death Race

    Calling Isaiah a machine is an understatement, the 22 year old has accomplished so much in OCR. Two years on ALINE, we work with Isaiah through the hardest of courses and getting him on the podium at almost every race he competes.

  • April Dee

    April Dee

    15X Spartan Race Winner

    The success in OCR that April has takes commitment and skill. With over 25 podiums it is easy to see how hard April works. Teaming up with ALINE in 2013, we have worked together to keep her ALINEd, and reaching the top spot whenever competing.

  • Kyle Baldock

    Kyle Baldock

    2X X Games Gold Medalist

    The BMX’er from Australia has skill in multiple disciplines, from park to dirt Kyle can adapt to each style with a unique set of skills and tricks. Working with Kyle for over two years now he never puts shoes on without ALINE’s in them.

  • Vince Byron

    Vince Byron

    6X X Games Medalist

    Making history with gold at the 2015 Summer X Games, Vince is a vert BMX rider that pulls never before seen tricks. Living on the Gold Coast of Australia he travels the world conquering each competition he enters with a style and set of tricks beyond his competitors.

  • CoCo Zurita

    CoCo Zurita

    X Games Medalist

    This Chilean BMX Vert rider will make viewers and spectators remember who he is. With his strong set of tricks, along with his unique style on and off the bike CoCo is someone who will consistently lay down a great run.

  • Gary Young

    Gary Young

    4X X Games Medalist

    A long time friend of ALINE and being in over 15 X Games Gary has seen a lot of the progression and change of the BMX sport. He has adapted to these new skills while keeping a consistent style of classic riding which sets him apart from the rest.